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Maygan's SUNSHINE.

I Am God's Child

Friday, December 31, 2010

VOICES GIRLS BREATHROUGH just ended, it was really awesome. my grp was awesome! Charm, Michelle Lim, Michelle Hui, Michelle Lim, Pris, Angelina, Sophia, Rachael, Joy :D :D :D. they'r the best gals<3 I'm Thankful To God For This wonderful opportunity to bond with them.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010
long time since i last posted. gosh, i really dislike that attitude of yours. u expect ppl to do things YOUR WAY. u're jealous of things. who the hell do u think u r? is this ur true colors? i'm 101% sure u're nt like this the first time i knw u. and yes, i cnt really communicate with u, i give up, i don't wanna keep trying. yes, i admit i'm hard to approach, bt i'm atleast better than u!

Friday, October 8, 2010
u had been the most wonderful bestfriend ever. i've read the message on FB. it was very sweet and touching. i did not knw i meant so much to u. i wished we could spend more time together but it seems like its gonna be memories from now on. but they're gonna be memories which i will NEVER forget and nth can replace them, nothing. u're one of the greatest gift from God. no one can replace u, not even him. ILOVEYOU!, no matter how many times u said u love me, i'll still love u more. no words can express how much u mean to me, how grateful i am for u, how much i dont want to leave u but i hope u understand what i'm trying to say.


N's are finally over. it had been sucha stressing period. i Thank God for being with me through those hard times, whn i was revising like crazy for all the subjects. its finally over. now the bad thing is RESULTS TIME.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
i did not go sch today!:D in fact i did not go since last friday. my blog is seriously dying. thr is nth much to post abt i guess? its like everything that i wanna talk abt is hard to type out. maybe i should go bk to sch soon.

Monday, September 27, 2010
i'm not bothered abt u anymore. i seriously dont give damn. u should get a life i think. u're always thinking u want your own way bt have u ever thought of others? stop being so selfish can? everyone has a life. u're ruining my life. i seriously cnt stand being ordered around so u better stop it. i have my own life.

second thing-

MAYGAN ADELLE HO will nvr let anyone spoil her life. the best thing that ever happened to her is when she found such wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ that means much more than anything to her! i love them so hands off. no one can destroy this life of mine. not even you.

my sister! i love you NATHALIE HO!:) MUACKS!